Refinishing Concrete Floors

Improving an aging, worn, or cracked concrete floor by removing it and pouring new concrete isn’t always the answer.

Refinishing the concrete is increasingly becoming the option of choice for commercial and residential building owners seeking to improve the look of their concrete floor.

The refinishing process leaves a concrete floor looking new, clean, and pristine. Concrete refinishing allows letting the floor’s natural look shine through or decorative graphics, color or a textured look can be added to the floor.

No matter the concrete refinishing chosen the work preserves the floor, extending the life of the concrete.

Polishing Gives Refinished Concrete A Shine

The first type of concrete refinishing involves polishing the concrete, ensuring a smooth surface. This is similar to a floor sander that is used when refinishing wood floors.

A unique hand-operated piece of equipment is used in the process. Once the floor is smooth and polished an epoxy resin or similar polymer is applied, giving the floor a shine. This is the finish that is common in large retail settings such as home improvement or grocery stores.

Make your Concrete Look New Again!

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Finishing Concrete With Custom Grinder

The second type of concrete refinishing involves a concrete grinder, used to remove the look of general surface wear, level the floor, and prepare it for the next step.

Once that is done a design or decoration can be applied with a printed graphic, decorative painting, or a unique color choice.

A texture, or ‘color chip,’ can also be added to a paint to provide depth to the floor. This is commonly used in residential garages and commercial shop settings, among other types of uses.

Like concrete polishing, this type of refinishing ends with a resin or similar polymer is spread over the floor, providing a strong, clear coating over the refinished concrete. This provides an attractive sheen or appearance to the floor, highlighting any decorative feature or color on the floor.

It also provides strength and protection for the floor against general wear from foot and machine traffic, the elements, and any other wear to the floor.