Installing Hardwood Floors In Stillwater

Installing Hardwood Floors In Stillwater

Seeking an experienced, local family-owned company to install a new wood floor in your home? Minnesota Hardwood Floors has been a family-operated business installing hardwood floors since 1970.

Minnesota Hardwood Floors has been installing, repairing and refinishing hardwood floors in Stillwater since our inception.

Picking Right Wood Floor For Your Stillwater House

Our near 50 years experience across three generations helps ensure you end up with the new hardwood floor you seek for your Stillwater home, installed expertly the first time and finished to last.

Our experience installing hardwood floors includes a wide range of woods such as oak, maple, hickory, walnut and a variety of exotic woods. We can help you understand the pros and cons of the woods you are considering across all types of rooms in your home.

Sanding Newly Installed Stillwater Hardwood Floors

Sanding hardwood floors is the first step in finishing a newly installed hardwood floor. Any blemishes or errors during sanding is only highlighted by staining and finishing.

Ensuring your floor installer is also an experienced Stillwater hardwood floor sander and refinisher such as Minnesota Hardwood Floors makes certain this critical first step is done correctly.

Staining And Finishing Newly Installed Stillwater Hardwood Floors

To successfully finish a new hardwood floor takes experience, the correct tools and attention to detail. We make sure you understand your options for finishing the new hardwood floor in your Stillwater home.

We have a long history with your distributors and use only the best stains and safest, hardest sealants in the industry. We offer in-home samples on the wood of our choice to ensure our customers have the wood floor they want.

We love installing hardwood floors! Call us today at (763) 286-1839 for a fast, FREE estimate.