Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Bring back your old wood floor to its original shine! I have had customers that lived in a house that has been in their family since the 1800s and were amazed after refinishing their “original” flooring. Or a family that bought a new house and found wood flooring under their carpet and were able to save the wood flooring by just re-sanding it. It’s cost-effective – as wood flooring will outlast most carpets. Wood flooring can be re-sanded and refinished multiple times.
Hardwood floors are cleaner than carpet, easier to take care of, and great for anyone who suffers from allergies. Carpeting can be a reservoir for allergy-causing substances (allergens) that trigger asthma. The carpeting in the bedroom can be especially problematic because it exposes you to carpet dust throughout the night. Wood flooring is much easier to keep free of dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens.

What About Dust?
Years ago refinishing a hardwood floor was messy and something you put off until you absolutely had to do it – not anymore. With amazing new hardwood floor sanding equipment and with our hardwood floor refinishing experience, we can sand your floor and bring them back to life with little – to sometimes no dust – at all.

Unlike some other hardwood floor refinishing companies, we keep our machines as up-to-date as possible. We start by sanding the floor with our “big sander” to rough cut that first top coat of the old finish. This step is what generally creates the most dust depending on how the course of a paper you have to use. Next, we use an edger tool, the edger tool is exactly what it sounds like it finishes the edges where the “big sander” cant reach. We use the newest and most advanced edger equipment on the market today.

We repeat this process up to three, sometimes four times depending on how bad of shape the hardwood was in. When that’s done, we buff the wood floor, and our buffer is also connected to a vacuum for dust control.

The start of a restoration: A badly worn and scratched hardwood floor.
This photos shows how we carefully edge the areas under the cabinets.
First we carefully sand it, keeping the dust very low and removing years of wear and tear.
The final product: A beautiful, restored hardwood floor.

We do offer staining and we offer a wide variety of colors. We do ask that you choose a color from our color chart, as not just any stain can be used in staining a wood floor. Don’t know anything about sealers and what kind of finish they will give you? Don’t worry we will discuss that in-depth with you before we get started.

The floor then dries overnight and then we put a finish on the next day. There are many different types of finish and what finish we put on depends on what your needs are. We are happy to help you determine that with our years of experience and we are confident we can help you make the right decision.

Successfully refinishing a hardwood floor takes experience and the right tools. But the results can be amazing. If your floor is starting to look worn, faded, and traveled, wood floor refinishing is for you!

About Our Products
We have been using Bona products for many years, we feel Bona offers the best and biggest selection for ensuring it is user-friendly, environmentally safe, and meets the satisfaction of our customers. Bona is a Swedish company, they have been in flooring care for over 90 years. They offer the highest quality in the industry today.

Finish technology has come a long way. Years ago installing or refinishing used to be an extremely inconvenient and unhealthy process, it is now safe for your home, family, and environment. I use waterborne finishes that are GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality. They have no harmful fumes, so there is no need to vacate your home or business and it is safe for your pets. We offer a variety of beautiful and durable options to meet your budget, lifestyle, and individuality. The cost of the job will vary, depending on your needs and the products used.