Picking Right Stain For Maple Hardwood Floors

Because your maple hardwood floors are something you literally live with every day you want to make sure any stain you choose is the stain you want.

Checking preview pictures on Pinterest and other websites may provide a sense of what a finished stain on your maple floor would look like, but making a final decision requires more than even a hi-res image, correct?

Consulting a professional can provide some context as the best stain for an oak floor may not be the best stain for an oak floor or the best stain for a hickory wood floor.

Have Idea Of How Dark Of Stain You Want On Maple Floor

A good first step is to use those Pinterest and website images of stained maple hardwood floors to decide if you prefer a darker or lighter stain.

Even if you can’t narrow it down that far before taking next steps, even an idea of the contrast you want between the shade of wood and any grain pattern in it.

This can help narrow the options for the next step of asking your hardwood floor contractor to provide you examples of the stain on maple wood flooring.

Preview How Stain Looks On Maple Hardwood Floor

Strong contractors are able to provide more than a sample stain chip to provide a sense of how a stain will look on your maple hardwood floor.

Quality flooring contractors such as the third-generation Twin Cities-based Minnesota Hardwood Floors always offers to preview several stains on an actual maple flooring plank. This minimizes the chance for surprises when the chosen stain is applied.

Refinishing, Staining Maple Hardwood Floors Sound Investment

Installing or refinishing a hardwood floor in your Twin Cities home is a proven investment when selling. Maintaining the quality appearance of your existing hardwood floors can ensure they look their best when you decide to sell.

Consider calling Minnesota Hardwood Floors for any flooring needs, particularly hardwood. We are experienced at finding the best stain you’d like for oak floors or hickory floor stain or any other wood.

Minnesota Hardwood Floors is a local, experienced third-generation family-owned flooring contractor who provides free estimates and personal service. Call 763-286-1839 today.