Installing White Oak Floor In Blaine

We recently were contacted by a homeowner looking to have a professional installation of a new hardwood floor of their Blaine house. This white oak floor was installed on sand over a concrete floor.

During our consultation we explained that the main advantage of working with Minnesota Hardwood Floors to install oak floors is the experience of our nearly 50-year-old family business.

That experience means these homeowners were able to get the correct shade of stain they sought. That’s because nothing replaces determining the correct shade to stain the oak floor than using the lighting that exists in the home itself.

In-home lighting can change from day to night, or from one portion of the floor to another. That’s why looking at a small stain chip in the industrial lights of a showroom or big box can prove problematic.

The stain may not look in the showroom as it will in your home.

That’s why we waited until the full white oak floor was installed to use larger stain chips to select the correct shade.

We understand that you want to love your hardwood floors. We love them too!!!

In addition to our expertise and know-how for installing wood floors, Minnesota Hardwood Floors also refinishing red or white oak floors.

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