Refinishing Red Or White Oak Floors

Refinishing Red Or White Oak Floors

Red Oak is the most popular choice for wood floors in the U.S. This type of oak has a reddish tinge and a coarse grain. While it is a relatively hard and dense wood, White Oak is more dense and considered more durable than Red oak for flooring and has a blonder tinge.

The strength and durability of oak flooring is born out by the ability to buy reclaimed 200-year-old oak that still looks beautiful. Oak is also coveted for flooring because of its attractive grain and availability is a variety of sizes and styles.

Once installed, oak flooring can be refinished to give it a new, fresh look. To provide the consistent, polished appearance sought by floor refinishing, consider calling one or more professionals for a bid before tackling the job yourself.

While sanding, staining and refinishing a floor may seem a basic task, it is far from it. A common mistake when oak floor refinishing is done as a DIY project is that the sanding process leaves scratches or marks — sometimes called swirl marks — on the oak floor that are difficult to see until the finishing process begins. Another common error is uneven staining of a floor, or inconsistent lacquering, oiling or varnishing as the last step.

Professionals such as those from Hardwood Floors Minnesota have the training and experience to avoid those errors ensuring your oak floor is refinished with the appearance you expect. Call 763-286-1839 today to discuss your project and receive a free in-home estimate.