Refinishing Hickory Wood Floors

Refinishing Hickory Wood Floors

Hickory wood if often used for residential flooring because it is a very hard and durable domestic wood that also offers a unique visual appeal. It is the hardest domestic wood for flooring, coming in at 1820 on the Janka scale of wood hardness. That’s 370 points ahead of Maple and its hardness is exceeded only by exotic, international woods, mainly out of Brazil.

Hickory Among Most Durable Of Wood Floors To Refinish
With the hardness comes durability, a favored trait for wood floors as it extends the life of the floor, limits scratches and keeps the floor from being easily damaged. A Hickory wood floor is ideal for high-traffic areas of a home, including areas commonly used by children, pets and guests. The strength also makes refinishing an existing hickory floor a sound investments given the lenghty life span of the wood floor.

Further playing into hickory’s favor for wood floors is its unique range of colors and grain variations, including knots and mineral streaks. Hickory wood floor planks can range from dark brown to reddish brown to a light coffee patina to almost blonde. Hickory takes well to staining with lighter stains highlighting the unique grain patterns in the floor and darker stains minimizing the grain.

Drawbacks Of Installing, Refinishing Hickory Floors
While the unique appearance of hickory makes it prized for flooring installation and refinishing, it does have drawbacks. First is the price. While hickory wood used in flooring ranges in quality it also ranges in price, but even the lowest quality hickory wood used for flooring generally costs higher per square foot than the highest quality maple and oak.

The price is higher because of the hardness, durability and appearance of the wood, also reasons why this wood is more difficult to install or refinish correctly.

Consider Using A Professional To Install, Refinish Hickory Floors
The hardness of hickory can make it difficult to install, thus a potentially troublesome do-it-yourself project. Consulting a professional is advisable, but if you are installing a hickory wood floor yourself ensure you purchase precut and prefinished boards. Understand that hickory flooring is more susceptible to shrinking as it dries. With correct installation future warping and twisting can be avoided.

A significant advantage of hickory wood floors is its lifespan and how often they can be refinished. However, that advantage can also become a problem if the floor is damaged in sanding or other peparation for refinishing. Again, it’s advisable to consult a professional before attempting to refinish a hickory wood floor yourself.

Professionals such as those from Hardwood Floors Minnesota who have the training and experience to avoid those errors ensuring your floor is refinished with the appearance you expect. Call 763-286-1839 today to discuss your project and receive a free in-home estimate.