Refinishing Brazilian Cherry Wood Floors

Refinishing Brazilian Cherry Wood Floors

Brazilian Cherry wood flooring is known worldwide as a top choice for flooring for a couple reasons, the practical one that brazilian cherry is among the hardest of wood used in flooring and the stylish one that Brazilian Cherry is also among the most beautiful.

That strength makes Brazilian Cherry wood among the most durable, scratch-resistant wood floor available, and also makes it an excellent candidate for refinishing because that strength gives Brazilian Cherry flooring an extremely long life, making refinishing a practical investment.

Brazilian Cherry Among Hardest Wood Floors For Refinishing
The hardwood flooring industry uses a scale called “Janka” to measure the strength of a flooring wood. Red Oak is among the most popular woods used in flooring in the U.S. has a Janka scale measurement of 1290. Maple flooring, recognized as a harder, more durable wood than oak, measures 1450. Brazilian Cherry wood comes in at 2350.

Another reason Brazilian Cherry is sought out for hardwood floors is its beauty. Quality Brazilian Cherry wood has a deep, rich red color with a fairly large amount of blonde tones. Grey streaks in the wood, or a pink hue, you are being sold lower quality Brazilian Cherry or a mix of lesser quality wood being presented as Brazilian cherry.

Brazilian Cherry Among Most Beautiful Finished Wood Floor
The deep, rich red color of the wood with blonde tones mixed in means staining isn’t necessary except where personal preference calls for a more muted red. Brazilian Cherry takes stain extremely well, and can be added with refinishing the floors.

While Brazilian Cherry wood makes for an excellent floor for its durability and appearance, its main drawback is that those advantages over other wood floor types bears out in the cost. Brazilian Cherry is among the most expensive of wood used in floors.

Because the wood is so hard, and given its expense, homeowners considering refinishing Brazilian Cherry floors, or installing them, should consider hiring a professional do to the work. Professionals such as those from Hardwood Floors Minnesota who have the training and experience to avoid those errors ensuring your floor is refinished with the appearance you expect. Call 763-286-1839 today to discuss your project and receive a free in-home estimate.