Maple Wood Floor Refinishing

Maple Wood Floor Refinishing

Maple wood is among the most popular woods used for flooring. It is among the most durable of the flooring woods, second only to hickory. Maple is the wood typically used in bowling alleys and gymnasiums, which is also an indicator of how hard and durable maple is for flooring.

Maple flooring is among the most often refinished residential flooring is that it has been so widely installed because of that durability and its affordability. While even the highest graded maple is comparitively affordable, lower grades are even more affordable while maintaing its durability.

Coupled with the durability and affordability of maple for flooring, maple offers a light, bright color that offers a warm, comfortable hue. Its warmth and brightness makes it an ideal accompaniment for any color chosen for a room. Maple is also known for its consistent grain pattern and has fewer imperfections that other wood types.

Maple does accept a stain, but because the heavily grained areas can create splotches if the stain isn’t applied properly and an even sanding of the existing floor is required, we recommend using experienced professionals to ensure that the job is done correctly.

Another reason maple floors are refinished is that the smooth grain can make a scratch show, particularly a large scratch.

One element of maple to understand is that humidity can cause the planks to rise and fall and shift, which can create an uneven look and feel to the planks.

Professionals such as those from Hardwood Floors Minnesota have the training and experience to avoid errors and ensure your maple floor is refinished with the appearance you expect. Call 763-286-1839 today to discuss your project and receive a free in-home estimate.